Urban Design & Masterplanning

PCPT have an excellent track record of working with funders and developers and landowners, with an increasing portfolio of varied projects and close creative working relationships.

We are dedicated to providing services at the early stages of a scheme – masterplanning, scheme work and site feasibility studies which can then be follow through to the detailed design and support for the construction phase of individual facilities.

We offer the following:

  1.   a highly commercial approach to asset maximisation, understanding the theory and practice of development appraisals
  2.   understanding of and familiarity with the commercial marketplace, designing to institutional standards
  3.   very fast responses
  4.   optimisation of site coverage and land use
  5.   high quality visuals – coloured drawings and 3D images
  6.   highly skilful approach to liaison with planning authorities, with excellent track record of planning successes
  7.   ability to respond creatively to tenant requirements
  8.   familiarity with the various standard legal appointment documents and warranties, which accompany funded buildings.

Key masterplanning clients include: Advantage West Midlands, Complex Development Projects, Wolverhampton District Council,  

PCPT value good design and by example can demonstrate that a strain of quality can extend from drawn master plans through to the final reality.  Master plans solve problems and an added qualitative approach is more likely to deliver a good working environment and a ‘sense of place’.

Completed Masterplans on ‘brown field’ sites, include:

-  Central Gate, Birmingham 26 acres
-  Great Barr Hall 150 acres
-  Bilston 213 acres
-  Stafford 40 acres
-  Wolverhampton 15 acres