Our architecture is based on an informed understanding of Place and use of technology and materials that combines a commitment to the spirit of the new with an awareness of the context. Our approach to design development is based on the establishment of a clear brief and a legible working diagram through, close liason with the client from the earliest stages of a project. Our reputation is founded on a commitment to quality for which we have received many awards since our founding 50 years ago.

Our work is not characterised by any particular style; instead it can be defined by our exploration of a series of architectural territories such as: form, space, lightness, geometry, responsivity, innovation, narrative and digital technology. Few boundaries are clearly defined and we take the broadest possible approach to design in order to achieve creative solutions.

We are often considered to be a design led practice due to our reputation for Spirit, Energy, Conservation and Renewal but equally important is our attention to Detail, Buildability and Deliverability. We aim for a clear resolution to the Brief and Operational requirements to develop the Masterplan and subsequent building designs that will exceed expectations.