Retail Banking

PCPT have worked with NatWest and Coutts, and now Royal Bank of Scotland, on their extensive property portfolio for nearly 40 years.  Many of the challenges involve incorporating C21st retail practice, technology and security as well as the requirements of DDA legislation into some of the most prominent, prestigious and familiar historic buildings in any high street or Conservation Area.  RBS takes a pride and a long term view in its portfolio, famously it likes to maintain a banking presence rather than ‘selling off to wine bars’ and the Bank will try to involve the local council and not simply implement changes willy-nilly.

We have carried out wholesale branch refurbishments from new banks, relocations to small cosmetics on over 200 banks to the West of England and including Wales and the Isle of Man.  The type of branch ranges from modest rural locations to major Georgian Listed Grade I branches.   

We have also assisted in enabling compliance against the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act – DDA in over 400 properties.

We continue to work on RBS international branches in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey and have developed Training Centres and Business Centres.