Workplace & Retail

With 50 years experience PCPT know that changing user requirements demand innovative design solutions.  The company continues to play an active role in the growth of Business & Science Parks, Offices and Hi-tech Research & Development schemes. A diverse portfolio from speculative sheds and offices to the integration of commercial shops, offices or leisure in to wider regeneration schemes.  As a consultant to RBS we have also carried out new offices and relocation projects across the country.

Experience in this field has made us particularly sensitive to the integration of: material, orientation, structure with services and to the importance of introducing economic and flexible systems within commercial developments.

The expansion of commercial development continues to be stimulated by the need to redevelop and upgrade existing city centre premises and by the congestion in town centres which encourages companies to develop urban fringe locations and derelict sites.  PCPT has always been part of that expansion.  Strategically placed, we have a well developed understanding of urban and regional planning issues.