Far Gosford Street  Coventry

Coventry City Council, Advantage West Midlands, Complex Development Projects

Before the 14 November 1940 - was an exceptionally complete medieval town centre and although it was shabby and industrialised and never then a tourist spot, if the bombings had not obliterated so much and the City fathers not zealously completed that demolition, it would today be one of the great treasure trove cities of Europe .

Far Gosford Street is a reminder of that potential along the processional route to the jousting fields at Gosford Green as well as the Godiva route! Under layers of asbestos boarding lie C15th frames and property from almost every generation to the 1960s; it is now a Conservation Area with almost 20 Listed Buildings.

PCPT’s role is to work with the Council, Advantage West Midlands and private developer partner Complex Development Projects to secure a future for the street in a holistic way.  PCPT have had an involvement in the original scoping of the street, the early submission for Lottery Funding (Townscape Heritage Initiative 2006) and the Masterplan and specific building projects:

  • new build replacements/infill
  • conservation and restoration of:
    • 34-36 – part of a C16 hall house
    • 121-124 – a C16th frame
    • Scala – an office to recreate the scale of the Scala cinema on its site
    • Hand & Heart – 1930’s manor house style public house
    • Top shops – 3 storey premises in row of 6 purpose built for loom weaving and living/shop below.

The master plan includes refurbishment along the street and a programme of new build to establish a ‘science park’ adjacent to the university. The buildings will incorporate energy saving characteristics, solar and photovoltaics technology.

Keeping and augmenting the established street patterns and the historic and ‘grafting’ new development along Sky Blue Way providing modern office and commercial space surrounded by courtyards and landscaped car parks.