Urban Regeneration

Substantial areas of the Midlands and Northern Britain have sites long overdue for reclamation and redevelopment.  With wide experience of derelict land renewal projects, the refurbishment of redundant buildings, the improvement of landscapes and townscapes and rehabilitation of inner city areas.  PCPT has a significant role to play in escalating urban renewal and conservation initiatives.

Experience covers the reclamation of former industrial land often contaminated and subject to the previous extraction of coal, iron ore, limestone and clay.  Considerable expertise has been gained in waterside locations and the refurbishment and redevelopment of disused buildings, wharves and harbours.

PCPT has experience in complex sites such as Bilston Steelworks which was subject to open cast mine works subsequent to the closing of the steelworks.  Over 1,000 real jobs in industry have been created and 1,000 houses built.  This is ‘real wealth’ or purposeful regeneration.

At Central Gate, Birmingham and Wolverhampton Science Park large reclamation contracts were undertaken.  It is up to the designers to be a full member of the team and to provide in the end product buildings of true worth that create opportunities and become better places to live and work.  Phase I of the Science Park has become a mark of the new Wolverhampton and a second phase is now on site.