Ministry of Justice - Prisons

PCPT have been involved with Prison Projects for twelve years.  Working in a partnering arrangement with Precast Cellular Structures Limited (PCSL) - a joint venture between Composite (MT Hojgaard) and Tarmac Precast - we have provided original concept advice followed by architectural services for various projects:

Stoke Heath I & II               
Guys Marsh                          
Swaleside I & II, III & IV                
Long Lartin I & II                 
Wellingborough I & II                      
Gartree I & II
Bullingdon I & II

Each of the projects provides packaged cell units in a quad block of 4 concrete cells in differing configurations and sizes to provide a total of 100 -180 cell units.  The buildings are two or three storey and a ‘core’ provides kitchens, showers and control areas.  Value range from £2.75 to £6m.

In 2005 the system won a Certificate of Excellence in the Concrete Society awards.  The judges noted that the system ‘amply demonstrated …. the current climate where more extensive use of off-site construction’ is required.

The issues addressed by the designer are common to many prison projects - safety, security etc - as well as complex technical matters relating to speed of erection and the correct specification of materials, component detailing and fixing.

Currently PCPT provide architectural services for the works beyond production of the finished cells and services.  The commission is expanding to develop new concepts and provide a full service in order to improve aspects of co-ordination.  Our work involves us with HMPS staff both at Abell House and prison based staff including governors.

PCPT have a full working knowledge and up to date experience of HMPS codes and working practices.
In addition PCPT have current experience in secure health related projects for local NHS Mental Health Trusts.  There is a specific area of expertise with regard to security and patient care.  Projects include new build and refurbishment of secure wards, therapy and intensive care units.