Roquette – Process Water Plant   Corby, Northamptonshire

Roquette UK Limited

Roquette UK’s main business - manufacturing and extracting starch - is carried on in the main plant site to the south.  The by-product is piped from the main site.  The Process Water Plant separates (or phases) the product such that clean good quality water can be discharged into the watercourse and the solid material, or second phase, can be mixed, loaded onto a vehicle and used as a growth medium in agriculture.  

The main ambition behind the design of the 3 different size industrial units is to produce them with as little impact on the environment as is feasible, at the same time inexpensive and practical, without the typical appearance of an industrial shed.  

SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) compliance, extensive sedum roofs and untreated larch for the cladding are the main characteristics of the scheme to ensure that the new plant represents what Roquette UK stands for – awareness for environmental issues and high quality.