Food, Drink & Process Industries

PCPT have previously undertaken proposals for the Barras Heath Fruit & Vegetable Market in Coventry.  The proposals, in their initial stages, considered the options available - from relocation to refurbishment - and were carried out in participation with the Coventry City Council and the traders.  As a result of this preliminary work, PCPT implemented the agreed strategy which led to a revitalised market in Coventry.

PCPT’s experience is global in work that it has carried out for the World Bank.  Specific expertise in researching all aspects in a wide variety of products - fish, vegetables, meat etc from farming through processing to cold storage and distribution.

HBG Meat Company Limited
West Midlands
Design and construction supervision of new abattoir, meat product plant and cold storage.
Barretts & Baird (Wholesale) Limited
West Midlands
Design and construction supervision of phased reconstruction and expansion of abattoir to provide EEC hygiene standards, cold storage, cutting and packing.  (Yardstick abattoir used by Royal Veterinary Society).
Director General of Co-operative
Iraq  Faiq Al Shahabi
Feasibility study for cold store for fruit and vegetables for Baghdad.
Abattoir Holding Services Limited,
Wolverhampton, West Midlands
Feasibility and detailed construction study for new abattoir to EEC standards.
Union International Limited, Great Bridge, West Midlands Development plan for phased reconstruction for abattoir.
Northern Ireland Finance Corporation (Ulster Meats)
Craigavon, Northern Ireland
Report and study for expansion of abattoir, packing and chilling facility.
Clark Group/W J O’Gorman Limited
Barton under Needwood
Consultants to Group carrying out cold store system construction using proprietary insulated panel in package deal projects.
C/O’G - D B Marshall (Newbridge) Limited
Edinburgh, Scotland
Cold store project for poultry products
C/O’G - Joshua Wilson Brothers Limited
Project for food wholesale distribution, storage facility for retail frozen foods.
C/O’G - Hunts Dairies Limited
Sherbourne, Dorset
Project for cold store to provide regional distribution depot for dairy products.
C/O’G - Meat Intervention Board
Project for meat cold storage facility at docks.
J P Fruit Importers Limited
Perry Park, Birmingham
Banana ripening and cold storage depot.
Asfordby Storage and Haulage Limited
Melton Mowbray
Feasibility and detailed construction study for cold storage and food plant.
Nottingham Public Abattoir Preparation of proposals for reconstruction in association with PA Management Consultants.
Abu-al-Ayle Commercial Company Limited
Khartoum, Sudan
Feasibility study for integrated abattoir and canning plant.
Junction Pastures Limited
Feasibility study for new pig and meat products plant.
Anambra State Agricultural Development Corporation
Anambra, Nigeria
Proposal for feasibility study for ADC cold store complexes at Enugu, Abakalika, Onitsha.
Barbados Marketing Corporation
Proposals for feasibility study for new cold store.
Hunting Technical Services Limited Feasibility study for cattle abattoir, Saudi Arabia
World Bank/ONAB Livestock and Meat Industry Study, Algeria
Desmond Meats Limited (Castlemahon Co-operative) Investigation and report on upgrading existing abattoir to EEC standards.
King Brothers Limited Detailed proposals for meat cutting and packing plant and FEOGA Grant application.
Barras Heath
Study and application for English Partnership funding.
Bass (Northern) Limited
Grimesthorpe, Sheffield
Design and construction supervision of new warehouse and bottling store for brewery company.
Shipley (Europe) Limited
Binley, Coventry
Design and construction supervision of specialised chemical production facility for European subsidiary of North American company producing chemicals for printed circuit and microchip industry.