People are our priority. Our staff are the very heart of our business. Our responsibilities towards them, and towards the communities in which they live, is of utmost importance to us. We are always conscious that our business activities should not adversely affect our local environment. We strive to operate in ways that support the wellbeing of these communities and encourage their prosperity and growth.

Supporting communities. We take active steps to support external organisations and promote improvement in areas where our business has an impact. This is achieved through direct donations and partnership working arrangements with a range of organisations. We endeavour to play a positive role in the development of strong communities.

As a company and as individuals we have been contributing to community based projects in the West Midlands for 50 years.  PCPT is a founder member of Business in the Community – ProHelp in the West Midlands which gives professional advice to charitable community based organisations.

The following are a few of the projects we have undertaken:

  • St Basil’s (The Old Boot)  Administrative and facilities centre for the young homeless.
  • Values Education for Life  Conversion of a Listed Building into an education centre for young adults who having dropped out of education at an early age now wish to re-enter the system.
  • Cactus Multi Agency Resource Centre  Reordering and altering six shop units into a centre to give counselling advice and education on drug and alcohol abuse to addicts.
  • Sparkhill Methodist Church  Reordering to free part of the site for social housing.
  • Moseley Road Methodist Church  Reordering to create additional space for community work.
  • Whiz-Kids Nursery   Reordering existing building to create nursery accommodation.